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A partnership is an arrangement between two or more groups, organizations or individuals to work together to achieve common aims and goals. For the partnership to be effective in achieving its aims and goals partners should; Have an agreed and shared vision and aims for their working together at a strategic and operational level, and will have ensured that partners understand their roles. The sharing of aims and an agreed strategic purpose will continue to allow for diversity in the aims of individual partners. Developed a culture of collaboration, in which it can attempt developments that individuals alone could not manage and do so in safety. This will mean that together, risks will be managed and learning supported. A communication strategy is in place, which enables partners to understand the programmes, and the learning routes offered jointly and it will ensure that the right decisions are made. It will embrace a common working language across sectors to aid understanding, mechanisms for effective dissemination of information and ensuring that procedures and practices are understood; and an agreed consultation process. Build and sustain trust between partners that are founded on goodwill, respect and mutual support and backed by agreed and robust procedures and practices. Collaborative working is based on equality so that no partner feels excluded and each have a voice without any major disparities of power; partners’ roles may differ but their contributions are valued. Clear roles, ground rules and accountability, strong and inclusive chairing of partnership groups and secure links to enable strong relationships to develop between partners, along with effective decision-making, all contribute to effectiveness. Systems are in place, probably through a group with delegated powers, to enable effective and timely decision making Have an agreed accountability structure and governance arrangements. These may be in memoranda of agreement or similar documents, which set out the purpose of the collaboration and the principles of working. Equally, the infrastructure may be more informal, but partners will have agreed and will understand how they will determine joint governance and shared management of joint programmes; There are agreed, shared and understood expectations and standards across the partnership, supported by effective collaborative quality assurance arrangements. This will help develop confidence in the quality of provision across the partnership, ensure consistent and high quality experiences for partners and promote quality improvement. 1.2

It is important to maintain a good partnership and working relationship with; Colleagues, so we can provide a consistent care and support that our service users require. We can achieve this by utilizing and ensuring that all lines of communication between the management and staff are open, maintaining a positive teamwork and ensuring that all staff are working together in line with what is expected of them to effectively support and implement the needs, wants and goals set by the service users for themselves. Professionals such us Care Coordinators, Social Supervisors, GP, Dentist, Community Nurses and other medical professionals involved in the care of our service users. By maintaining a good partnership in working with them we are ensuring that we are working to provide a uniform quality care and support for the benefit of our service users. an example is ensuring that plan of care is being reviewed regularly by all professionals involved in the care and support of the service user, this could be achieve by having CPA review meeting where professionals involve in the care and support of the service user meet up with the resident and their keyworker to review what is working on the current plan and devise strategies for other plan/goals of the resident to be effective with the help and support of everyone involved in the residents care and support. Others may...
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