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The report investigates the Organisation of Deirdre K. Ryan & Co Solicitors Office. I completed my work experience at Deirdre K. Ryan & Co. Solicitors. This office was my choice because of its wide range of cases they deal with, it is a wildly know in the area and the location was also convenient This report will focus on five things about the office and the work experiment. The paper describes the organizational structure in the company, the range of occupations in the legal sector, a particular occupation of a solicitor, and the career opportunities in the legal sector. The objectives of the report are to conduct primary and secondary research to achieve the aims of this paper. This workplace was the perfect choice, and I am truly satisfied with the experience I got from it.

Investigate the Background of Deirdre K Ryan and Co Solicitors Office

Solvitur Ambulando (We keep things moving)
D K Ryan & Co Solicitors is a progressive law firm based in Ireland, providing a full range of legal services. The firm is within the legal sector. Their mission is to provide a full legal service in a client-focused manner, communicating clearly to ensure that clients understand the nature and detail of each transaction, and to instil in them the confidence to make informed decisions. The motto, Solvitur Ambulando, sums up the step-by-step approach of D K Ryan. They keep cases moving to achieve results for their clients as quickly as possible. Services available

* Bankruptcy
* Conveyancing
* Corporate
* Debt Recovery
* Employment Law
* Family Law
* Insolvency
* Mediation      
* Naturalisation
* Probate
* Personal Injury Claims
* Security/Charge Packs         
The firm is committed to providing pragmatic and solid legal advice, tailored to meet the specific needs of the client. They explain all details of each transaction, and aim to communicate clearly in an approachable, accessible and friendly manner. The legal team:

Solicitor Deirdre K Ryan
Trainee Solicitor Joseph Fitzpatrick
Practice Manager Deirdre Giles
Litigation Executive of Distinction Samantha Hayes
The firm located in Main Street Roscrea just off the M7 from Limerick to Dublin. With the new road networks they are in easy reach of clients in Dublin, Limerick and Cork and of course anywhere in Tipperary. Address

Credit Union House
Main Street
County Tipperary

Telephone: (0505) 24616 / 24659
Fax: (0505) 31982
Mobile: 086 232 6748
An Organisation Chart of the Solicitor’s Office

Trainee Solicitor


Debt Recovery Manager

Litigation Administrator


Identify the Range of Occupation of the Legal Sector

The basis of laws in Ireland is the Common Law modified by legislations and by the constitution of 1937. Statutes passed by Britain are valid unless repealed by the Irish parliament. The constitution says that justice is served by the courts, in public. The government advices the president on who to appoint as judge. Judges are all senior members in the legal profession, and independent. If they show misconduct, they can be removed from office by the national parliament. The two major legal roles are solicitors and barristers. Solicitors work outside the court, for example with contracts, land ownership, administration of last wills, companies, etc. They can attend court for audience. The profession is regulated by the Incorporated Law Society of Ireland 1852. Barristers usually work at higher courts as junior or senior counsel. The Benchers of the Honourable Society of King’s Inns constitute the governing body of the Bar of Ireland. The public is provided by free legal aid when necessary in criminal cases and sometimes in civil cases. (

When a judge is appointed, they take an oath. They  “solemnly...

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