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System Analysis of
Smith Consulting
System Documentation

System Analysis of Smith Consulting System Documentation4
Customer Engagement Approach4
Software Development Processes and Procedures4
Quality Assurance Processes and Procedures6
Testing Procedures7
Developer Testing8
Developer Performance Testing10
Developer Fault Testing10
User Acceptance Reliability11
User Acceptance Accuracy11
User Acceptance Fault Tolerance11
Test System Infrastructure15
Hardware/Software Capabilities15
Formal Program Specifications Format15

The LTA (Learning Team A) group has been asked to define, develop, and propose standards for a software testing environment at Smith Consulting. The LTA group will review several aspects of the system documentation currently being used by Smith Consulting and provide proposed solutions for each of the areas defined in this document.

System Analysis of Smith Consulting System Documentation
Smith Consulting (Smith) has tasked LTA (Learning Team A) with developing standardized project approach and testing procedures so that prospective clients are confident that Smith is performing their contractual obligations efficiently. These procedures will be generalized so that they can be applied to any project that Smith takes on and have sufficient documentation so that the procedures are correctly applied to each project. This ensures that Smith has repeatable processes in place and can put more resources towards completing the project rather than developing the procedures to complete the project. Customer Engagement Approach

Smith is dedicated to the long-term success of the project. Smith does not approach the projects as a system to be designed and left with the client to manage. Smith offers flexible management terms from support to full-time maintenance of any application Smith designs, ensuring that our dedication to service extends through the life of the product. Smith also strives to help every end-user, helping them to fully understand and embrace the new technology. Smith understands the challenges end-users face when moving to new technology, and we want every employee to be comfortable using the system. Software Development Processes and Procedures

Smith realizes that there may not be one clear-cut solution for all software development projects and seeks to use a process that takes into account as many variables as possible when developing new software. This means that Smith will first need to determine the needs for the company. The first step in this process is to identify the stakeholders and develop a project timeline and budget. These factors will help drive the project toward the estimated completion date. The stakeholders will include members of Smith so that the project is kept manageable and realistic as far as time of completion and resources needed. The next step is creating an analysis team to work with the various stakeholders to understand what the company needs the new system to do. As the analysis is completed a more formalized design will be presented to the same stakeholders in the form of a data flow diagram to ensure that all the needs are being met. At this time the stakeholders will have the ability to present changes as part of the change control process described as part of the Smith quality assurance processes. Smith will also implement additional design methods as required by the specific needs of a project. These methods include the use of new models, tools, and techniques in order to fully understand the system requirements. It may be necessary to bring in third-party vendors to provide and use the tools that these methods require. These vendors will be subject to a procurement process as indicated in the contract for the project and are subject to a determination of need by the...
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