Work: Employment and New Forrest Logistics

Topics: Employment, Employment compensation, Parental leave Pages: 6 (2096 words) Published: October 12, 2013
Atulya grover Unit 14 P2/M1
In this task I will explain the impact of relevant legislations / regulations on two types of employment contract of the company New Forrest logistics as well as analyse the impact of the legislation of the two contracts of the company. Contract 1

The key contrasting differences between the two contracts in question is that contract 1 the job title is for a secretary. Its hours of work are stated as 16 hours a week. Which means that it is part time temporary employment? While a member of time is on maternity leave. The employ will be required to be flexible with regard to the hours as he and she will work in accordance to the employers needs. The employee will be paid on an hourly basis. Being a temporary position, no pension scheme will be available to the employee. The employee will be required to complete a monthly signed timesheet as a record of the employees work schedule. No payments will be made for any unused holiday. In case of sickness for more than 3 days, in order to be entitled to statutory sick pay, the employee will need to provide a sick note, further if the employee wishes to leave before the end date he or she will need to provide a weeks’ notice. The employer two will provide the employee with one weeks’ notice of termination before the end date given in the contract, or else he has offered his/her basic salary in lieu of notice. However no notice will be provided to the employee in case of dismissal. With regard to disciplinary procedures, in case of serious problems, the employee will either be given verbal warning which will be recorded in his or her personal file (for a period of normally 6 months) or a first written warning will be given which will also be recorded in your personal file. This could then if need arose be followed by a final warning which would also be recorded in your personal file. Contract 2

The key points in contract 2 which differ from contract 1 are the job title which is that of a Personal assistant to the Managing directors. It in contrast to contract 1, it is fulltime appointment with the hours of work being 35 hours a week. The employee will be paid a salary which will be subject to revision from time to time. This job title also includes a probationary period of 3 months from the start date. As regards time keeping, it differs in that there is no need to sign in and the employee is required to have a responsible attitude towards keeping time. In contract 2 unlike contract 1, the employee is entitled to full annual holiday entitlement of 28 days exclusive of bank holidays. With regard to sickness, in contract 2 the employee will be entitled to a contractual pay for the first 6 months of any period of sickness. However the employee will need to complete a self certification form if ill for 7 days or less. If sick or 8 days or more than a medical certificate needs to obtained from the doctor. The employee in contract 2 is entitled to maternity or paternity leave. The employee will also be entitled to participate in any pension scheme operated by the company. The retirement age is stated to be 65 years. With regard to confidential information the key difference is that employee is not authorised to disclose any confidential information related to companies business affairs irrespective whether he resigns or is dismissed. Regarding Notice, the employee is entitled to one weeks’ notice after 4 week of employment. A copy of the companies’ grievance procedure is contained in the staff handbook and even the companies disciplinary and dismissal procedures are also contained within the staff handbook. The employee is required to take steps as are reasonably practicable to ensure the health and safety of him/her and others affected by his or her work. The employee also needs to have knowledge of fire regulations and necessary precautions. The organisation is an equal opportunity employer, thus no employee can be discriminated against on any grounds....
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