Word Without Cell Phones

Topics: Mobile phone, Cellular network, Brain tumor Pages: 3 (874 words) Published: November 7, 2006
A Non-Cellular World
In today's modern world, there is a great buzz around the latest and greatest in technology. One such massively important gadget, is the cellular telephone. In the last decade or so, cell phones have gotten smaller and smaller, as well as larger in popularity. It is difficult to go anywhere without seeing a person on a cell phone, or using a cell phone in some fashion. Contrary to popular belief, cell phones are not a "god-send" in my opinion, and looking at the facts, the world would be better off without them. As all of the following evidence shows, people would be safer, healthier and perhaps even smarter, without the presence of cell phones.

First, if the cell phone had not been invented, people would not be in contact with each other as much throughout the day. For example, college students may call their parents almost every day, but without the cell phone they would not be able to talk to them as much. The same would apply for parents trying to be in contact with their children. This overdependence on the cell phone has created what is known as "helicopter parents". According to The Wall Street Journal, there are now parents who "hover" around their children to make sure everything is going according to plan. This causes a lack of dependence and responsibility for the children. "At the University of Georgia, students who get frustrated or confused during registration have been known to interrupt their advisers to whip out a cell phone, speed-dial their parents and hand the phone to the adviser, saying, ‘Here, talk to my mom.'"(The Wall Street Journal). Due to the availability and ease of cell phones, students may call their parents whenever they see fit. This causes a lack of independence for the student, and a more involved parent. Children must slowly be given more and more freedom, but the cell phone is holding this belief back. Without cell phones, students would be forced to take more responsibility in their lives and take...
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