Woody's Project Outline

Topics: Project management, Critical path method, Construction Pages: 3 (600 words) Published: July 10, 2013
1.Statement of Work (Wysocki, 2012, pg11)
Obtain required documentation;
Installation of air conditioning for facility;
Dust free paint and finishing shop installation;
Additional compressor capacity installation;
Installation of semi-automatic woodworking production train-research how to employ Industry Foundation classes (IFC) (Boukamp, Akinci 2007); •Mandatory regulatory inspections.
Resource allocation
Project duration 18 months
Production capacity area enlarged by the equivalent of 25% of existing production capacity;

2.Joint Project Planning Session (Wysocki 2012 pg 157-163), McGowan et al (1993) •Create WBS including Activity List
Subject matter experts develop further decomposition.(Laufer et al 1992) •Estimate task duration and resource needs.
Construct project network diagram
a. Proposed methodology- three point technique
b. Critical Path and Milestones
c. Overall Project Schedule
Revision and approval of completion date
Finalization of resource schedule
Risks - Weather conditions – not being familiar with weather in British Columbia we will assume that it will be winter time which will have an effect on project execution and schedule. •Schedule has minimal flexibility. Project execution, delivery of resources and equipment as well as regulatory inspections, need to be monitored. •Obtaining mandatory licenses and permits in a timely manner (b)Mitigation of the risks

Weather –advisable to require contractors to protect the work site • Schedule – effective monitoring and control of tasks especially critical path tasks. If tasks are at risk of falling behind, extra manpower will be provided. •Mandatory licenses and permits – Scope and Planning processes allow for slack to obtain licenses and permits. RISK MONITORING AND CONTROL

Upon identification, assessment of...

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