Milestones and Task Dependency

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Dear Dimitris,

I will like to treat your question in 2 segments so that the conclusion will dwell on harmonising the 2 parts so my response which answers it will crystallize out from that fusion. Identifying project milestone.

Task dependency
How milestone identification affects assessment of task dependency

Identifying milestones
In identifying milestones, one has to visit the issue of scheduling which mainly will appear in the scoping/planning process of a PMLC. According to Kemp, “Scheduling, or planning project over time, is a big job in project management. The key is to break it down into small, clearly defined steps. In building our schedules, we use several methods: iteration, definition of tasks and deliverables, and definition of larger stages and gates, also called phases and MILESTONES. Kemp (2004, p.27-28) Therefore a milestone involves several deliverables which are results of tasks. Kemp describes it as the end result of a stage where a large part of a project is completed and delivered. He describes it as reaching a gate where u move to the next stage as the client or customer approves. He said that a set of deliverables that are clearly defined and composed of completed, tested and useful items can be said to be a milestone, Kemp (2004) Depending on the model of PMCL we adopt, after completing our RBS and WBS (TPM) or getting our main draft of them(APM/xPM) as the case may be, and assign functions to the project teams or individuals that will take responsibility, the next major thing to do in developing our project plan is To IDENTIFY THE MILESTONES. Since milestones as we defined above involve completion of several tasks, it helps show overall progress to the client, project team and stakeholders. It represents advancement and shows progress on the project. Project milestones also measures Project progress The nature of the project, the details of the RBS and WBS also help in identifying the milestones to be set. This also will not be...

References: Robert K Wysocki (2012) Effective Project Management, Traditional, Agile, Extreme, 5th ed. Indianapolis: Wiley Inc (Accessed 30 may 2012)
Written by ABOYI Adakole Brown. Submitted to the university of Liverpool project management MSc programme.
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