Woodstream Corporation Case Study

Topics: Mousetrap, Marketing, Need Pages: 3 (898 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Mouse Trap: Woodstream Corporation
The company that has been chosen for this case study is Woodstream Corporation. This company was founded in 1832 and was formerly known as Animal Trap Company of America. It manufactures and markets a variety of pest control products including rodent control, caring control for pets and different types of mouse traps. It has been around for more than 150 years and marketed over 2500 unique products. Woodstream works to bring innovation to consumers by combining category leading products with technology and it services to solve the business needs of the retailer. The business strategy of Woodstream Corporation, in its own words is: “Our ‘go to market’ strategies are structured to help you optimize inventory levels, maximize sales and grow profitability” (1).        The company is striving to give its retailers the maximum sell through innovative products and grow profitably. The president of the company, Harry Whaley, came up with a new and innovative plastic mouse trap also known as live mouse trap, which is more effective and easy to use than the traditional wood mouse trap. However, sales haven’t increased and in this case study we are going to look at the marketing strategy used for two different mouse traps and how it affects the buyer decision process.        In order to design a customer-driven marketing strategy, a company must first understand the marketplace as well as the customer’s needs and wants. Seeing a mouse inside the house triggers an individual the need to look for a solution to take care of the problem. That individual is now going to look for a solution that they want in order to satisfy their need. In this case they probably want to get rid of the mouse permanently. In the market place there are two mouse traps available for them with Woodstream Corporation. The traditional wooden mouse trap and the innovative plastic mouse trap which are made by the same company. The traditional wooden mouse trap is...
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