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Women Issues

By Mina-O Jun 04, 2015 612 Words
Marina Espinosa

Susana is her name, 55 is her age, and she was 21 when she decided to leave her parents’ house and become independent. She had a dream, to have a family, a master’s degree and an important position at a big company. By the age of 23, she had everything she wished for, except an important job, so she started to apply in various companies in Tijuana, some in United States, and very few in Mexico City. From the US, they all rejected her; she got two job interviews in Tijuana and one in Mexico City. In one of those companies, she knew two guys, Luis and Fernando. Fernando was the CEO, and Luis was in the same position she was about to take. In the interview, they told her how much she was going to win, at the beginning, she was happy with it, until she had a conversation with Luis and she found out he won more than her, even without having a master’s. Women all around the world, throughout all history have been discriminated in countless ways, the reason: they are women, living in a closed-minded world. Studies made by PayScale define what the most common jobs are for men and for women. For men, software developer, computer systems administrator, and construction manager; as for women, human resources, school teacher, and nurse. Other studies made by the same company, threw results that men win from 1% to 4% more than women, including jobs where women are more popular. Another main issue is violence against women. The World Health Organization shows that in November 2014, 30% of women in relationships have reported violence. 38% women all around the world suffer from violence from their partner. According to Safe Horizon, 1 out of 3 women, will suffer from domestic violence. Battered Women’s Support Services states that up to 70% of women experience physical or sexual violence from men. Out of the 2.5 million people that are trafficked annually and end dead, 8’% are women. Education is another issue women have to face. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization made studies in October 2013. 31 million girls that are primary school age are out of school. Out of these, 17 million are never expected to enter school. There are 4 million fewer boys than girls out of school. 34 million female teenagers are out of school. Almost one fourth of women (15 to 24, approximately 116 million) have not completed primary school in developing countries. Two thirds of the 774 million illiterate people in the world are female.

In conclusion, even though we are in XXI century, with technologies our grandparents would have never imagined, we still live in a world where men are considered superior; the worst part is some women aloud this and consider male sex better than them. Studies show that low-class women are more vulnerable to be mistreated by men, but also women from higher classes suffer abuse from their partners or bosses, receiving a lower salary just because they are women. A solution to stop this discrimination, is to give world-wide conferences to inform women, specially lower classes, that they are equal to men, that they have the same rights. Also, applying severe sanctions to companies that pay less to a woman, or to men that mistreat women.




SAFE HORIZON (year unknown)

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