Women in the Workplace

Topics: Gender role, Gender, Transgender Pages: 1 (302 words) Published: April 10, 2005

The focus of this paper is to better understand the factors that cause inequality in the workplace between men and women. Many women have difficulty advancing in the corporate world because of gender stratification. There are several factors that lead to the failure of women becoming authoritarian. For example, if a man were to demand his proceeding employees to complete a task in a harsh, almost barking manner, then each employee would listen. However, women have to find different ways to place demands so that she will not seem as harsh or rigid. (Tannen, 1994) The question is do women have to perform harder in order to succeed as an authoritarian?

Throughout this paper, gender is classified as men or women. This paper will compare the duties and responsibility of each gender within the workplace. This paper will explore the inequality of women and men and which gender has it "made easy" in the working world. Each business of corporation involves the use of men and women. Each individual has his or her own responsibility and goal. Even though most people think that the man has the dominant role in the workplace, it is women who do not get full credit for the work that they have completed. Even if the women have high recognition and has achieved a high level of acceptance, it still seems as if the man wins all of the glory. (Tannen, 1994) The effects of gender stratification have taken its toll of women in the executive world. Most women will admit that something within themselves prevents them from advancing to a higher position. However, if the work world were to be equal then all women would feel confident within themselves to take a step up and show the work force what they are all about.
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