Women as Endorser in Selected Liquor Advertisement on Television in the Philippines

Topics: Advertising, Television advertisement, Mass media Pages: 7 (1918 words) Published: March 22, 2014
DEFINING FEMINITY: An Analysis on the Images Portrayed by Women as Endorser in Selected Liquor Advertisement on Television in the Philippines

A Research Proposal
Presented to
The Department of Languages Mass Communication and Humanities Central Philippine University

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements
In MasCom 226 (Introduction to Research)


Magie E. Maleriado
March 2014


Background of the Study
Advertising is indeed a powerful instrument to promote, encourage and persuade consumers to purchase a certain product, goods or services. Advertising can be in any forms.
In the history of the United States, advertising has responded to changing demands, media technologies, and cultural context.
Industries ranging from soap to canned food to cigarettes introduced new production techniques, created standardized products in unheard of quantities, and sought to find and persuade buyers in the 1880’s. During this period, National advertising of brand goods emerged in response to profound changes in the business environment. Along with the manufacturers, other businesses also turned to advertising. (http://www.aber.ac.uk/media/Students/hzi9401.html)

Advertising agencies, formerly in the business of peddling advertising space in local newspapers and a limited range of magazines, became servants of te new national advertisers, designing copy and artwork and placing advertisements in the places most likely to attract buyer attention.

Consumer spending fueled in part by the increased availability of consumer credit—on automobiles, radios, household appliances, and leisure time activities like spectator sports and movie going paced a generally prosperous 1920’s. Since then, advertising has grown massively from print, radio, and television.

In 1966, a University of California study revealed that fewer than 2 percent of television commercials included black actors. But by the end of the decade, things were beginning to change, and beer makers eager to tap the "total market" were among the first to feature minorities in commercials. As early as 1965, Rheingold Beer, for example, was airing TV spots featuring African American, Puerto Rican, and Asian actors. The venerable Miss Rheingold contests--an annual institution in New York since 1939--had been discontinued the previous year, due largely to the realization that a single Miss Rheingold could not accurately reflect the brewery's racially diverse customer base (Miller, 2002).

In the Philippines, when Spain lost the Spanish-American War in 1898, Americans dominated the country and influenced in today’s modern day Filipina women. They started working and is already acknowledged in the society. Modern-day Philippine women play a decisive role in Filipino families. They handle the money, act as religious mentors, and could also arrange the marriages of sons and daughters, striving to improve the family’s dynastic connections. Beer, love it, hate it, is one of the most popular adult beverages the world over. (History of Beer)

However, with the advent of television in the Philippines, the most common complaint is the dominance of sex and violence that is being portayed.

This study will seek to analyze the images portrayed by women on selected liquor advertisements on television in 2013 here in the Philippines.

Objectives of the Study
It is common for young women nowadays to feel like they always have to belong in a certain group of people. With this observation comes the study that will analyze the “Images Portrayed by Women as Endorser in Selected Liquor Advertisement on Television in the Philippines.” Specifically it will:

1. determine the visual presentation in terms of:
a. Setting
b. Language
c. Body Movement
2. analyze the visual presesntation of selected Liquor Advertisement on TV in the Philippines a. San Miguel Light
b. Tanduay Black
c. GSM Blue
d. Colt 45...
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