The Roaring 20s

Topics: Roaring Twenties, Advertising, Industry Pages: 1 (409 words) Published: April 27, 2014
The roaring 20s: USA, 1919-1929
Mass production
By Jack
Source A: "Advertisements appeared in magazines, newspapers, on the radio, in cinemas and on billboards - all trying to convince Americans that they should 'keep up with the Jones' and buy the products that every other American now had." What does Source A suggest about developments in industry? (4 Marks) Source A states that industries were developing massively when it came to marketing and advertising, it also shows us that all these industies were branching off to do all these things just so they could 'convince' the Americans and in other words encourage them to buy their products. From this we can infer that there were many new technologies such as Radio, which all helped the different industries when it comes to sales. We can also infer that companies seemed to 'pressure' the American public by saying, "Keep up with the Jones" implying that they're not 'up to date' and that they need to be. Furthermore we can infer that the industry is generally becoming more successful as they're now able to advertise in a multitude of ways from Newspapers to cinema. Source B: "Throughout the 1920s there was a feeling of confidence among the American people, which encouraged them to buy goods by cash or by credit (taking out a loan). It encouraged them to invest some of their wages in companies by buying shares. Even this could be done by credit by buying 'on the margin' which meant most of the cost of the share was paid for with a bank loan" What does Source B suggest about developments in industry? (4 marks) From the Source we know that the Americans became more confident when it became to buying goods by cash or by credit. We also know that they also tended to invest some of their pay into companies when buying shares (Which was also done by Credit). From this source I can infer that this helped the industry to develop as any money they paid out to their employees was coming back in as they became more...
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