woman talk too much analysis

Topics: Gender role, Gender, Gender identity Pages: 5 (471 words) Published: October 14, 2014
JuanMin Wang
Dr. Deborah Karr
English 0711
Sep.21, 2014

Response of Women Talk Too Much
In the article “Women Talk Too Much” by Janet Holmes, she starts with the question “Do women talk more than men?” and also showing the different types of Proverbs to improve this stereotype. Later than she uses certain example and evidence to against this view of women talk too much. Holmes generally shows people the facts of this stereotype and clearly distinguish the “perceptions” and “implication” throughout the history, and our misunderstanding about “women always talking more” will be fix by reading the article. Throughout the whole article, we can see Holmes had a really clear organization. Each section had clear subtitle with particular evidence showing from the first sentence of each paragraph, than she take out the examples in second paragraph to support her ideas and make the claim, that’s really logically and But somehow, when she talk about the her “New Zealand study project” in section one “The Evidence” ,she mentioned about “ Margret Franken” that really confused people, we will asking who is Margret Franken? Maybe she is a waitress or maybe she is a professor, but whatever who she is, Holmes haven’t give us the specific title of Margret, that was one thing to make the weakness part of the section. The title of the article “He says, she says: gender differences in discourse” was really interesting , coming with a very common stereotype in everywhere of the world, that is really catch people’s attention and letting them thinking about these question. And by using academic words In the different section, she all mention one point is “ different factors will determine which gender talking more” For example, in the section “What is the purpose of the Talk?” shown that evidence is in fact men more likely become the dominate one during the conversation , especially in front of the public . Holmes also make an opposite side of this view by listing her research about which gender talking more, then she found women would rather like to stay in private conversation and also for developing relationship with family and friends. With Holmes’s strong evidence we can understand who is stand in the dominate part throughout the talk. However, Holmes make too much words on talk about purpose of talk in the beginning part, by showing us the delayed thesis and repeat the “New Zealand Research” for several times , in another section which she talked about “ social confidence”, she only show the example in the last “in an interview” or talk about feminist, that is not make sense when people using feminist to improve women talk more or even challenge traditional gender roles in interaction. Holmes need to make a strong evidence to improve what she thought about social confidence affect gender’s talking. Meanwhile, when she
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