Woman and Ila Tribe

Topics: Woman, Kill, Black-and-white films Pages: 3 (1030 words) Published: July 2, 2009
Walimai, it’s a story about an Indian with his supernatural beliefs. He tells a story of his life while he lives in the jungle. Walimai believes that you have to be very careful with the names of persons and living creatures demand respect, because when you speak their names you touch their hearts and become part of their life force. Walimai feels that outside people, or travelers speak with such lightness when they talk to each other, he says that we should not speak in vain, and it is a tradition that he has thought to his children, and they should be respected. He mentions that his tribe tries to follow their old traditions while others decide to move on and go on a different direction. Not enough women were born in the years before. His father had to travel long roads to find a wife, he travel through jungles following instructions that others had already gone through that for the same reason. Finally after he saw a young lady, he spoke to her in the tone of hunter in order to not scare her telling her of his need of a wife. She responded to him letting him get close to her. During those times, his father had worked for her father to pay for his woman’s value. Walimai talks about his childhood. He grew up with his brothers and sisters under a tree. They believe that living in a house or a place with walls was a place with no freedom, so they slept under a roof. One day a group of men arrived to their jungle. They hunted with powder, they didn’t know how to climb a tree, they wore wet clothes and they were dirty. Walimai mentions that they destroyed everything that they saw on their way. They camp near their village and they wanted the land. After a while Walimai’s tribe abandoned their camp and moved to the east of the jungle. It wasn’t a good place for them; it was hard to find water. On one occasion Walimai had to walk a long way following the track of a puma. He was tired of walking and his mind was not right. A group of soldier picked him up. They took...
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