Instruction of Indra: An Overview

Topics: Learning, Happiness, Hair Pages: 2 (416 words) Published: August 6, 2013
The story filled lessons

True happiness doesn’t come from wealth, it comes from the people around you. That is what I learned in the story Instrusction of Indra by James Campbell. I recommend this story very much because its life lesson is important and useful to us since our society is growing to become a greedy one. The story teaches us to live out life simple but efficient

The story is about a man/God named Indra who thought he was the greatest because he has done something heroic. To reward himself, he hired a carpenter to build him a palace. Considering there is only one carpenter working for him, he eventually became exhausted. The carpenter attempted to quit working for Indra but unfortunately didn’t succeed. Meanwhile a beautiful blue black boy (as described in the story) came and made Indra curious why he was in his palace. The beautiful blue black boy explained to Indra that there were a lot of Indras before the present Indra that what Indra has done is what every Indra has thought of themselves. And all those Indra whomthe beautiful blue black boy showed up to didn’t listen to him so when those Indra”s die, their afterlife was to become an ant. The beautiful blue black boy taught Indra a lesson, to be humble no matter how wealthy you are. Another man who came who was very unusual because he has a little disk of hair and almost half of them have dropped. The hairs that dropped represents those Indras who died and who didn’t change themselves. The man’s name was Hairy, he is homeless and have very thin clothing around him. He said that life was too short to build a home and that he just meditates to Vishnu. When Indra learns about this, he decided to follow the footsteps of the yogi (only the meditating part and to become a yogi). But the priest of Gods has better plans for Indra. He then just ruled the land because Indra learned that he can represent the Eternal as a symbol of the Bramma. The yogi taught Indra to be more prayerful and...
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