With God On Our Side by Philip Caputo

Topics: United States Army, Army, Vietnam War Pages: 3 (611 words) Published: April 23, 2014

Answers to the questions from the text (axcerpt from the novel) ”A Rumor Of War” by Philip Caputo.

1. Where does the action take place?
The action takes place in Vietnam, during the Vietnam war. More specifically it takes place in a village called Ha Na, which is one of the biggest villages fronting the Vu Gia River. The village is surrounded by hedgegrows, trees/forrest and sugarcane fields.

2. What do the soldiers find in Ha Na?
They found a large cashe of rice, medical supplies, and uniforms, weighting in at over a ton. They wanted a helicopter to come and pick it up, but because of a tight time scredule they have to destroy the found stuff themselves.

3. What happened to the village?
The village was totally destroyed by the clash. There was nothing left of Ha Na but a long swath of smoldering ashes, charred tree trunks, their leaves burned off, and heaps of shattered concrete.

4. What does the soldiers turn into, according to the narrator? They turned into unretrained savages, while killing not only enemies but also locals, and burning down the home of over 200 people.

5. How does the narrator feel about the whole situation?
He doesn't feel godd about it. He is ashamed about what they have done. He describes it as a “result” of months of fear, frustration and ten tion. They relieved their own pain by inflicting it onto others. The sense of relief was soon taken over by guilt and shame. They changed from diciplined soldiers to savages and then back.

Answers to the second text “Zapping Charlie Cong” by Nicholkas Tomalin

1. Characterize the general
The generals name is James F. Hollingworth and he is 48 years old from Texas. He is described by the narrator to have a “real America face” reminicent of every movie generals. His rank at the time is “Brigadier general, assistan division commander 1st infantry devision, United States Army”. He is a very determined general, with an aim to kill the enemy (the so...
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