Wireless Carriers in Canada

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Business Telecommunications and Data Networks

Wireless Carriers
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Business Telecommunications and Data Networks

Wireless Carriers

Executive Summary2
Company Overview3
Rogers Communications Inc.3
Product and Service4
Bell Canada8
Product and Service9
TELUS Corporation11
Product and Service11
Competitive Environment15
Subscribers and Revenue income16
Distribution Channel19
Market Trend20
Summary and Conclusion22
Appendix 1 – Financial Statement24

Executive Summary

Purpose of this report is to study the emerging and existing wireless carrier companies in Canada with the study of each company’s product and service, positioning of the product and service, product differentiation, competitive environment and the market trends for the telecommunication industry. The companies discussed in the report are the three most famous telecommunication service providers in Canada: Rogers Communication Inc, Bell Canada and Telus Corporation. According to the statistics and reports, these three companies generally dominate most of the Canadian market share for the wireless, internet and home phone services. Also they have some market shares in the United States through both expanding and acquiring small companies in the same industry there. However, with the fast development of wireless technologies and the emerging competitors, these three companies should try to position their targets and goals in order to keep their advantages not only for now, but also for the future and also facilitate the efficiency and effectiveness of customers. Introduction

The three major wireless carriers are dominating the market in Canada. However, they are competing with each other through many ways. For example, by providing better services and lowering the prices of appealing products for customers, they could attract more customers from other competitors. Also through operating some small companies that focus on only some services, they could satisfy the different needs of different customers of different ages. For example, Rogers owns Fido and Chart in order to compete in the price level with their peers. Bell Canada also owns Koodo Mobile and other wireless service providers in different provinces of Canada.

The report only focuses on the three major telecommunication and media companies in Canada, which are Rogers Communication Inc, Bell Canada and Telus Corporation. In addition, the financial analysis report only looks at the recent years and the future market trend could be predicted after being analyzed by those data. Company Overview

Rogers Communications Inc.
Rogers Communications Inc. is a communications and media company. The company primarily operates in Canada, where it is headquartered is located in Toronto Ontario and with a total employee around 28,745 people as of December 31, 2011.

Rogers is founded in 1925 by Edward Rogers, which he started the CFRB radio station in Toronto, then later acquired by outside interests. The present enterprise dates back to 1960, when Rogers' son, Ted Rogers, founded Rogers Radio Broadcasting Ltd. During this year the company acquired CHFI and Aldred-Rogers Broadcasting, creating a partnership with Joel Aldred helped launch CFTO in 1961. Rogers later bought out Aldred and started the current cable and wireless operations, known as Rogers Cablesystems Ltd.

Rogers is engaged in three primary lines of business through its three principal operating segments: * Rogers Cable
* Rogers Wireless
* Rogers Media
Product and Service
As one of the first cable-system operators in Canada and a subsidiary of Rogers Communications Inc, Rogers Cable Inc has been providing products and services to most of large communities across Canada. With approximately 3.5 million...
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