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1. State your organization’s supply chain strategy.
My organization’s supply chain strategy focuses on driving down operational costs and maximize efficiency. To achieve this goal, supply chain team at first try to find out and understand how the company chooses to compete. It is important to assess and understand the company business strategy beforehand reason being it forces the supply chain operation to see itself as a customer facing entity serving competitive goal of the organization – not merely an operational department.

In short, the supply chain strategy acts as the enabler of the company’s business strategy. If the business strategy is to be the low cost provider, the supply chain strategy acts to support this.

2. Provide one or two goals for each of the balanced scorecard categories.

Supply Chain Balanced Scorecard Framework

Customer Perspective Goals|
1. Competitive monthly plan and quality handset options to choose. 2. Value for money|

Learning & Growth Perspective Goals|
1. New Product package development 2. Process Innovation & continuous improvement|

Internal Business Perspective Goals|
1. Less Defects on Phones and Return 2. Speed Activation of the Plan and ready to talk right after activation|

Vision & Strategy|

Finance Perspective Goals|
1. Improved Cash Flow 2. Revenue Growth|

3. Provide at least one performance measure to match each of your goals

Balanced Scorecards| Goals| Performance Measure|
Customer Perspective| 1. Competitive monthly plan and quality phone options to choose| Daily, weekly and monthly analysis of customer queries and sales closed.| | 2. Values for Money| Number of customers using value-added service| | | |

Internal Business Perspective| 3. Less Defects on Phones and Return| Product defects ratio and return rate|...
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