Topics: Wine, Brewing, Chardonnay Pages: 4 (716 words) Published: May 29, 2014
1. Sturcture
19 True n false questions (1 point each)
18 Multiple choices (1 point each)
8 Short answers
4 Questions for 5 points each
3 Questions for 6 points each
2. True and false
Gin, Tequila & Rum
Cognac/ Armagnac & Whisky
(T) The base ingredients for whisky, gin and vodka are grains. (T) The base ingredient for rum is sugar cane
(F) The base ingredient for brandy such as the French Cognac or the French Armagnac is not grape (T) Calvados is a French dark spirit made from apple
(T) Tequila is a Mexican spirit made from the distillation of Agave plant (T) Kirsch is the distillate of cherry
Beaumes de Venise, Madeira and port
(F) Port wine is fortified after fermentation has finished
(F) Tawny port should be decanted before service
(F) Madeira is a French island
(T) Beaumes de Venise is a French fortified wine
Mendoza, New South Wales & New York state
(F) Mendoza is the largest production area of South Africa
(F) New South Wales is in Western Australia
(F) New York state is the most important wine producing state of USA Chasselas & Pinotage grape varieties
(F) Chasselas is the best white grape variety produced in Australia (T) The Pinotage grape is used extensively to make Pinotage wine in South Africa. 3. Multiple choice
Which of the following is a type of ale?(Stout)
In the United States, a “light” beer is defined by the (number of calories.) Which of the following ingredients for making beer is a living microorganism?(Yeast) The sweet liquid resulting from the mashing process of making beer is called (Wort) Until the 15th century, which basic beer ingredient was not added to ale? (Hops) “Herbal,” “flowery,” and “citric” are terms used to describe the flavor of some beers. These flavors are mainly produced by (Hops) An international scale for measuring the bitterness of beer is the(International Bitterness Unit (IBU)) Bitters

Cheese pairing
In general, cheese is the easiest to pair with which wines? (White wine)...
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