Win Some and Lose Some One Hour Away.

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Win Some and Lose Some One hour away. Sloan, Iowa. Winna Vegas Casino. We like to say it’s a fun way to get away from college life, hang out with friends, and attempt to add a little extra to the pocket books. Many kids attending Buena Vista University have made at least one trip to the Winna Vegas Casino. This casino is 70 miles from Storm Lake and the age requirement to gain admittance is only eighteen. As an alternative to drinking or the bar scene, individuals view gambling as a relaxing and entertaining past time....   [tags: Gambling Gamblers Betting Essays]  :: 3 Sources Cited| 1007 words

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Gambling and its Effects - ... . . and paid only $7 billion in wages" (Arthur Anderson). Also according to Maura J. Casey, there is high unemployment rates around casinos. (Casey 37) With people's losses and by encouraging workers to believe in cheating customers, casinos focus on gaining more and more money for their needs. Some state lotteries also campaign that they donate funds for school education. Sheila Dixon, an educator and the Baltimore City Council President, disagrees and believes "that state legislators should be responsible and find another way to fund our schools..." without means that have destroyed neighborhoods and people’s lives....   [tags: Gambling, ]| 638 words (1.8 pages)| $19.95

Gambling Addiction - Gambling Addiction Gambling affects the person doing it and anyone who is close to them. Through personal experience getting hooked on gambling is mainly from the action and thrill of everything associated with gambling. When gambling they are part of the action and not just watching people play a game for money. If one is truly a pathological gambler, just like lying they cannot stop unless they are helped. When gambling it is very difficult to come to the realization that one is addicted. They simply do not want to believe this because all there fun must finally come to an end....   [tags: Psychology Study Gambling Addiction]| 1746 words (5 pages)| $19.95| [preview]|

Gambling Awareness - After conducting an interview I came up with a few methods that can be used to aid helpless people like Abe with their compulsive gambling disorder. These scenarios are made to enlighten peoples perception of gambling and teach people that too much of anything isn’t good for you. They will show how others have attempted to reach an unattainable victory. Let’s take the poker machine for instance, it has an innocent appearance, but in reality it is as cunning and mischievous as the devil. The bright glowing lights and the compelling ring tone of victory makes helpless bystanders believe that it’s just a fun game....   [tags: Gambling Poker Casino]| 1141 words (3.3 pages)| FREE Essays| [view]|

Internet Gambling - Internet Gambling      Why is gambling such a problem on the Internet. There are plenty of reasons and you are going to hear all of them throughout this research paper. There are three main types of Internet gambling. There is the sports book, there are casinos and the lotto, and last but not least there is horseracing. Throughout this paper I will explain the Laws against online gambling. Why people can get around the laws, and the style of gambling and how to do it. I think that online gambling is fine the only person you could hurt is yourself....   [tags: Gambling Internet Casino Web Essays]  :: 4 Sources Cited| 1423 words

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Sports Gambling: From Fan to Investor - ... Of course not. Sports betting – or sports investing, rather – is about research, research, and more research. You wouldn't become a doctor without attending medical school, you wouldn't be a lawyer without going to law school and, accordingly, you wouldn't be successful at sports investing without going through piles of statistics. The amount of hours bettors spend analyzing statistics is enough to make any mathematician dizzy. So make some coffee, grab a pen and paper, and...

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Persuasive - legalization of MD slots - The issue of legalizing slots and/or legalized gambling in the State of Maryland is a complex one, and one of great consequence to both the State’s residents, and the future of the State itself. Maryland Governor Robert Ehrlich’s slots bill proposes that the State place a total of 15,500 slot machines or video poker machines in six different locations, three of which would be chosen from a pool of four Maryland racetracks. The racetracks that would be eligible to install slots or video poker machines are Laurel Park racecourse in Laurel, Rosecroft Raceway in Prince George’s county, a track that would be built at a later date in Allegheny county, and the Preakness Stakes host Pimlico in Baltimore; In effect turning those racetracks into “racinos”....   [tags: essays research papers] | 1803 words
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