Will Phones Kill Letter Writng?

Topics: Mobile phone, Writing, Epistemology Pages: 1 (274 words) Published: January 7, 2011
Will Phones Kill Letter Writng?
With the rapid development of science and technology, tools for communications are experiencing a new era. Under such a prospect climate, some people doubt that phones are destined to replace the traditional communication form--letter writing. Some claim that letter writing, just as newspapers, though traditional, will still survive lively for another century. As far as i am concerned, phones, as a brainchild of hi-tech, are yet to kill letter writing. Not everyone knows how to use phones or can even afford it. Take China for example, said to be the country with the most cell phone users, there are still a great deal of people leading in a poor life, struggling for food and shelter. They won't bother to get a phone as it means nothing to them. Still a lot of people remain to be illiterate, which means they may have difficulty using phones properly. Phones for those people, are nothing but a white elephant. Another reason is that, some people keep letter writing as a hobby by which they express their most sincere feelings. Everyone has experienced a sense of happiness when hearing from friends, family members, lovers. It is just beyond comparison. Every words contains infinite emotions. Letters pass people love to others by travelling through the long long journey. And also letter writing is cheaper! According to what have been stated, we can safely draw a conclusion that the day phones kill letter writing is still not there yet. We have every reason to believe that letter writing, will exist lively for ever, as a most traditional, expressive form of communications.
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