Will Mobile Video Become Killer App. of 3g?

Topics: Video clip, Mobile phone, Music video Pages: 22 (4791 words) Published: January 15, 2013
Inf Syst Front (2010) 12:311–322
DOI 10.1007/s10796-008-9139-7

Will mobile video become the killer application for 3G mobile Internet? a model of media convergence acceptance
Xin Xu & Will Wai Kit Ma & Eric Wing Kuen See-To

Published online: 1 August 2008
# Springer Science + Business Media, LLC 2008

Abstract We propose and empirically test a model of user
acceptance of digital media convergence. Integrating
information system research, particularly the paradigm of
task–technology fit and the platform–application dichotomy, and theories from media psychology and human–computer
interaction, we theorize the fit between the content
applications and the media platform as the key determinant
of user evaluation and acceptance of digital media
convergence. We empirically tested our theory in the
context of mobile video entertainment services. Specifically, we hypothesize that both the duration of the video content
(i.e., the characteristic of the content) and the attentional constraint of the mobile media platform (i.e., the characteristic of the media platform) jointly determine users’ attentional involvement (i.e., reflecting the fit) in the video content. Such involvement in turn influences users’

emotional enjoyment and satisfaction with the mobile video
entertainment service. The empirical results support most
Viswanath Venkatesh, Yogesh K. Dwivedi and Michael D. Williams were the guest editors accepting the article as part of the special issue on Adoption and Use of Information and Communication
Technologies (ICT) in the Residential/Household Context (see Dwivedi et al. 2008 for editorial).
X. Xu (*)
Department of Management and Marketing, Faculty of Business, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, China
e-mail: xin.xu@polyu.edu.hk
W. W. K. Ma
Department of Journalism and Communication, Hong Kong Shue
Yan University, Hong Kong, China
e-mail: wkma@hksyu.edu
E. W. K. See-To
Department of Management Science, Lancaster University
Management School, University of Lancaster, Lancaster, UK
e-mail: e.see-to@lancaster.ac.uk

of our hypotheses. Two key findings are: (1) in the case of
media convergence, the attentional constraint of the target
media platform significantly influences user experience
during content delivery that may lead to the rejection of
media convergence; and (2) the duration of the content
interacts with both the attentional constraint of the media
platform and the type of interruptions from the environment
in determining attentional involvement and emotional
enjoyment. We discuss the theoretical contributions and
practical implications from our empirical findings.
Keywords Digital media convergence . Media psychology .
Task–technology fit . Mobile internet

1 Introduction
The advent of 3G mobile Internet has created more
opportunities for mobile operators to increase their revenue and profits by providing high quality, diversified and
personalized services (Tilson and Lyytinen 2005). Encouraged by the success of mobile Internet services, such as ringtone download and pictures taken by camera phones,
some industry analysts and operators believe that mobile
video entertainment services is one of the promising
candidates for killer applications of 3G—“Watching video on cell phones could eventually easily surpass [demand for
games, ringtones and wallpapers], to reach 100% of the
population” (Kharif 2005). Operators have spent billions to upgrade their infrastructure and launched a lot of mobile
video content, such as full-length movies, mobile TV
programs and music videos (Reardon 2006). This further
accelerates the pace of digital media convergence, where
computers, communications, and multimedia merge together
(Covell 1999).

Inf Syst Front (2010) 12:311–322


While products of digital media convergence, such as
mobile Internet, are expected to generate new revenue for
information and communication technology (ICT) service
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