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SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING vs. ONLINE MARKETING vs. DIGITAL MARKETING Recently we see a lot of confusion between terms “social media marketing“, “online marketing” and “digital marketing“. The tendency to confuse those terms and use them as synonyms is clearly seen in the job postings. While there are lot of similarities, a job titled “Director of Social Media Marketing” (for example) is much less demanding expertise –wise than a job with a title “Director of Digital Marketing“.

If we go by the diagram Social media marketing is a term reserved for a relatively young area of Online marketing which is under the vast periphery of Digital Marketing. What is the difference between Digital marketing and Internet marketing? The big difference is in the type of marketing techniques used. Internet marketing, although using the digital Internet, focuses on every means of getting information to potential customers about products and services a merchant is offering using only the Internet. Digital marketing uses all the channels available in the digital media to get information to customers, and it does not limit itself to the Internet. What is the difference between Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing? Social media marketing is one of the components of digital marketing along with SEO, email marketing, PPV, PPC, banner advertising, mobile marketing and various forms of digital advertising – billboards, DTV (digital television), etc The roots of confusion probably lie in the nature of media channels. Mobile networks are a mobile media in a sense that they provide the tools for information delivery and two-way communications. At the same time mobile gadgets could be used to connect to social media sites, and in this regards they serve as a medium for social marketing platforms. TRENDS

If we look into the graph, we will see how the popularity of Internet Marketing is decreasing while Digital Marketing and social media marketing are increasing. Now why is that...
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