Wildlife Biologist: Everything You Need to Know and More

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Biology Career Project | Wildlife Biologist. |

Table of Contents

* Who is a Wildlife Biologist? Description of the type of work done, Description, Advantages/disadvantages, working conditions.

* Education and Employment Education and training, Job outlook, Education and training required Potential places of employment, Advancement opportunities.

* How much does a Wildlife biologist make? Salary range, Salary/wages

* A day as a Wildlife Biologist Typical work day—types of tasks the career involves, working conditions

* Why I chose Wildlife Biology. An explanation of why you chose this career, related occupations.

* How to become a Wildlife Biologist. An explanation of what you can do now to work toward this career, a list of 10 questions you would ask if you had an opportunity to interview someone in this career

* More Information. An explanation of what chapters in your textbook would be relevant to someone with this career, Addresses to write to for further information

Who is a Wildlife Biologist? A wildlife biologist, as the name implies, studies wildlife. This includes wild animals, their habits and habitats. Wildlife biologists also study plants but mostly focus on achieving objectives related to wild animals and their ecosystems. These objectives include, estimating wildlife populations, developing and carrying out measures to protect endangered and threatened species, developing plans for habitat improvement, evaluating the impact of human communities and developing ways to manage these interactions, educating the public about endangered species and enforcing laws regarding wildlife (“Wildlife Biologist”). The drawbacks of being a wildlife biologist depend on the individual. There are compulsory conditions such as, working with wild animals that may live in harsh conditions, travelling to remote wildlife areas, working extended hours and working around the biological clock of wildlife and not

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