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Importance of Wildlife Conservation
Due to the growing impact of deforestation, continuous efforts are being made by some anxious animal lovers to protect the endangered species of wildlife as well as those that are on the verge of extinction and thus save the world from running out its green heritage. Wildlife is important for four main reasons: Beauty: By their unique way of existence, wild creatures exaggerate the natural beauty of the earth. Economic value: The financial value of wild species is important to the economies of several nations, as it provides many valuable substances like wood and other plant products, fibers, meat and other foods, and skins and furs. Scientific value: By studying wildlife, scientists have gained valuable knowledge about various life processes and discovered important medical products Survival value: Wildlife helps in maintaining the balanced living systems of earth, which consequently ensures survival of life. Wildlife Conservation Efforts in India

Last few decades have seen emergence of human encroachment to an extent that has never been seen. This is one of the greatest threat to India's wildlife. In order to overcome the result of human encroachment many national parks as well as protected areas have been established so far and the first came in 1935. Also in 1972, to protect the tiger and wildlife in India, the Wildlife Protection Act and Project Tiger to safeguard were enacted. Wildlife Sanctuaries in India

3.29 million sq. km of area comes under the wildlife conservations efforts in India and it is becoming a very popular holiday destinations both for Indian as well as International tourists. At present there are more than 500 wildlife sanctuaries in India and seventeen Biosphere Reserves. Popular Wildlife Sanctuaries in India

Bandhavgarh National Park in Madhya Pradesh
Corbett National Park in Uttar Pradesh
Gir National Park & Sanctuary in Gujarat
Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh
Kaziranga National Park in...
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