Bengal tiger

Topics: Tiger, Endangered species, Bengal tiger Pages: 2 (719 words) Published: April 17, 2014
Endangered Bengal Tigers in India

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) is the oldest and largest global environmental organization, working to help save endangered species. This organization’s main purpose is to provide worldwide alertness about any species or plant facing high global extension. The IUCN red list contains information on plants and animals that have been categorized as extinct or extinct in the wild, due to insufficient data. Once the species is placed on the list, groups of people (volunteers, scientist, Government and non-Government) come up proposals on bring awareness and stopping the extinction from occurring. Each person involved brings a different view into the matter, for example Gov. brings policies, while a scientist bring facts and research that can help for developing policies. According to the IUCN red list Bengal tigers are considered an endangered species. Meaning, some sort of action has to take place in order to keep these creatures existing. The Bengal tiger is the national animal in India, providing eco-tourist attraction and many job opportunities to the country. The extinction of Bengal tigers would cause India would lose a significant amount of their tourist attraction, causing a shortage of jobs, and increase in poverty. Removing tigers out of the ecosystem could cause and extensive effect on biodiversity. Tigers main source of food include deer, wild pigs, antelope and gaur, if the tiger is removed from the equation then the number of prey would increase causing a species expansion. “Negative impacts for human welfare and economic development. Communities in Asia depend on the same clean water, clean air, natural flood controls and other forest resources that tigers need. Without the protection for tigers these ecological services are at risk.”(Syed, Mehdi). India currently has 66 different protected zones for tigers and a program called Project Tiger, which has had a significant effect on the...
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