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Career Interview
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Career Interview

Audrey Kane -Property Manager

655 Tourmaline St. Apt. 3F

1 (619) 316 5263

Q: How do you become a property manager?

A: To manage homeowner’s associations, which is the area o the field that i currently work in, you do not need a degree but for certain areas of property management you need a real estate license. they also offer certificates and training for property management.

Q: What is your specific area in the field?

A: Managing homeowner’s associations. This means that i find a group of people who own homes that need to be taken care of, basically i find a group of apartments or homes in a common area or common owner’s that want an overall manger of their property. Im not an actual owner of anything, i simply manage the area.

Q: How do you obtain clients or property to manage?

A: Word of mouth, and finding people who have a problem with the management of their property, and offer improvements.

Q: What do you do on a typical workday?

A: On a typical workday I file taxes, handle property insurance, and am basically a secretary that tends to the residents and takes care of any problem that occurs on the property.

Q: What organizational tools do you find most efficient?

A: A lot of things are done on the computer but there is more paperwork than you can imagine. I keep it all very organized in colored and labeled folders and binders for each of the five associations i currently manage, i keep it all easy to access in my home office.

Q: What is the best part of your job?

A: Some of the good things about my job is that I am my own boss and work from my beautiful apartment on the beach, along with being able to support my family and have time for myself, as an avid dancer. These are all perks my career allows me.

Q: What are the negatives?

A: I would say the downfalls are that I have no downtime or vacations, I always have to be on...
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