Why I Want to Be a Nurse

Topics: Medicine, Health, Health care Pages: 2 (603 words) Published: January 10, 2011
Why I want to be a nurse?

I firmly believe that choosing the right profession, the one that I will be good at is essential to my personal happiness, and well being. Although, my path on choosing a nursing as a carrier wasn’t always clear to me, my school advisers have been pointing me to the nursing since High School. According to the adviser and carrier test my personality will suite me well in a nursing carrier. However, influenced by the family members growing up I was fixed on becoming an architect. After entering architectural school in Poland I realized that I wasn’t very good at it. In my early twenties I have moved to California where I have continued taking art classes and study English, and juggle jobs. Shortly after, I have met my husband who was a medical school student at the time. Through him I become exposed to medicine and quickly become fascinated by it. I also become a friend with few nurses who I highly admire. In my spread time I like to watch Discovery Health Chanel and discuses the medical problems with my husband or friends. Additionally, I have been involved in my husband practice for over two years. I was helping with the patients care and coordinating his office. As I become more efficient at my work I become yearning for more challenging tasks and more patient contact. Suddenly, it has embedded deeper in me that I had a calling to serve others in the medical field. I decided to become a Register Nurse. The field of nursing has many attractive qualities; the scientific aspect to medicine, being an integral part of the health care team, becoming a patient advocate, and working in a motivated, needed, and such a necessary field fascinates me. The potential is endless in this field, from specialty areas to general population, and from newborns through geriatrics. Nursing is probably the most personally rewarding job there is. For the people I will care for, I will see myself making a difference, whether...
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