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Why I Want to Be an Lpn

By emastowski Jul 15, 2013 384 Words
why i
LPN Essay

Why do I want to be an LPN? Well, when I was 8 years old my grandfather passed away from a stroke. I had always wondered why nothing could’ve been done to stop it and help him. As a young child I didn’t find all the answers to my questions until I was older, but I knew then I wanted to have a career as a nurse helping everyone and anyone I could. One year later my brother Jacob was born, which was one of the most exciting days of my life because I finally had a baby brother. When Jacob was 3 months old, my parents had a talk with my other siblings and myself about something, which at that time, terrified me! Jacob was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at 2 weeks old but my parents were unaware of anything about the disease, so they waited to inform us whenever they knew they had all the information they could tell us at that point. Growing up with a sibling with a genetic disease is hard but I also feel it makes you a stronger person. I’ve seen him go thru a lot and I have always been willing to help even if it was just to play PlayStation while I gave him a breathing treatment. A practical nurse is something I would really like and enjoy to do. I feel I have the strength, courage, and potential to overcome and do anything that life gives me. I honestly believe anyone can do and/or overcome anything as long as you put your mind and hard work into it. I love to help other people in any way possible, if that involves putting a grocery cart back for someone, or even letting someone cross the street. I know I was put on this earth to help people, because that is all I can seem to do. I’m not saying I don’t stress and have a few breakdowns because everyone does, but you have to live life to the fullest and just be happy, because things could be a lot worse. I’ve found life goes smoother when you add a smile and live for the day. Now you know a few reasons why I would love to become an LPN.

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