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Christina Leach
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November 9, 2010
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I. Introduction

A.Why I have chosen this career?
1. Interested in this field
2. The helping of others

II.The job

1. Schooling
2. Volunteer hours

1. Practice

III. Different fields & pay rates

A.Kinds of nurses
B.There requirements (what extra classes they may need to take) C.The pay rates for different fields of nursing.

Becoming a nurse or helping people has always been something I’ve enjoyed most, this is why I’ve chosen nursing as an interest in my life.
The thing that made me interested in this field, I would have to say: the parts of making someone feel better; I especially would like to work with elderly, and disable people, and children. Something else that may have persuaded me in this direction would have to be my older sister, this is something that she enjoys doing as a career and she tells me how she enjoys making a difference in people life and helping elderly and disable people. Another reason is that I have worked with a disable person before as a part time job and this was something I liked doing because you never know what to expect out of a days work and there’s something new that you learn day by day.

There are many types of nurses in the field, to name a few they are: practice nurses, clinical nurses, specialists, nurse anesthetists, nurse-midwives and nurse practitioners all these nurses require a master’s degree. The type of nurse I would like to become or that I am interested in are the ones I am going to write about here starting with a CNA (Certified Nurse Assistance). (University of Phoenix 1). What is a certified Nurse Assistant? A Certified Nurse Assistant is a nurse assistant or nursing aide who has undergone training programs and successfully earned a certificate. Upon completing this program, a certified nurse assistant is placed on the state’s...

Cited: Rios, Samantha J. Personal Interview. 27, Oct.2010
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