Why Work Teams Don't Work

Topics: Human resource management, Management / Pages: 16 (3846 words) / Published: Nov 4th, 2011
Why Work Teams Aren’t Allows Effective’’ Teams have become a mainstay in the way America does business. Teams started as social-technical-business experiments and have since vaulted their way into the American business environment. Led by Deming’s Total Quality Management movement the development of teams has become the standard acceptable structure for a majority of organizations today. Throughout my work experience and my university based education the concepts and theories about the use and need for teams have been stressed. Personally, my position of the use of work teams, based on my personal experiences t is that most organizations should slow-down in the use of teams and carefully hand pick specific tasks and assignment in which a work team will flourish. Organizations can be successful by not using teams and using alternative structures for accomplishing goals and in developing strategies.
, In this paper, I will look at reasons why, I believe that the overall use of teams in American business environments is more of a negative than a positive. I am not saying that there are not some places for using teams but that the use of work teams should only be used for selective assignments and tasks and that I take the position that for teams to be successful that major changes need to take place in the psyche of the American workers. According to Daft, organizations build teams with the idea that people who work together can work as a team. Such teams can be brought together for all kinds of reasons including to discuss conflicts, goals, decision making processes, communications, creativity and leadership. It is believed by many that teams building will lead to better results and help in overcome organizational problems. Teams can be used for product development, task forces, or as committees Daft suggests that team building and large group intervention activities are an effective ways to have employees involved in an organizations change processes (Daft, R.,

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