Team Work in Business

Topics: Teamwork Pages: 5 (1885 words) Published: April 8, 2009
Title: Write a research paper of the importance role as well as the effectiveness of team work in business.

At the beginning of eighteen century, high quality products of Japan started occupying the world market rapidly. The success story of Japanese companies made American companies surprise and curious, then American soon found that team work was one of the keys for Japanese companies’ success. For two hundred years, team work has been widely applied successfully in business and it is considered as an important element in helping companies to work more effectively. For this reason, team work at workplace has become a very significant topic in business research during the past time. Understanding the importance role of team work in business as well as mastering the way to build an effective team is the leading skills for any leaders of any companies.

What is team work and what is the difference between a team and a group? Team work is the collaboration in work of many individuals in the same group to obtain the same objective or mission .Many people will easily confuse two definitions of team and group. Team is a group of people who gather and work toward the same goal; team members take a responsibility and have a commitment each other to the success of team. While group is formed based on an interest or hobby without any commitment, group members don’t assume any responsibility. There are many ways to distinguish the team types and there is still not an agreement on this classification. According to the book “Inside Teams”, there are two popular types of team in business. Those are permanent work team and cross-functional team. Permanent work team may be either natural team or redesigned team. This kind of team which is often used in a production or service in which a team is in charge of a whole or separate part of production line or service. The main character of this team is that they are self-directed meaning that they are responsible for their product or service both in quality and quantity; they manage their job and make decision by themselves. Through this structure, the manager can evaluate and measure the productivity and effectiveness of each team. The second kind of team is cross-functional team which is often applied when the company needs to do a big project or big duty. In this kind of team, the members are selected from different departments and gathered for the purpose of carrying out a big projec. It may be permanent or temporary team. This kind of team often appears in the big corporation and happens involved in the solving problems or making decisions. (S. Wellins et al 3,9,10)

What is the role of team work and the benefits of team work in business? The success story of many big corporations in the world like Toyota, K Shoes, IBM, etc, who are winning team work in their business has been proved that team work helps to improve the productivity, the service quality, the job satisfactions and the relations between company and surrounded community. People came up with this definition from 1970s when Japanese products with high quality were spreading dramatically in the world market. There were many factors for their success, one of which was team work. Japanese companies with the famous brand like Toyota, Nissan, and Honda have been applied very strictly and fruitfully team work in their manufacturing. This success initiated for many research and applications of team work in business, particularly in American companies who have recognized the remarkable impact of team work in business. Firstly, team work helps to enhance the performance of company through increasing the productivity. In particular, it helps to save the time of a product or improve the quality of a service through strengthening the collaboration between the employees and the different parts in a production line or a service. Besides, it helps to establish a scientific assembly line, better the manufacturing process, and increase...
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