Why to use online learning

Topics: Education, United States, Teacher Pages: 2 (425 words) Published: December 2, 2013
We need to increase media technology in schools, for three main reasons, it can improve students opportunities and education, it is essential for students to compete in the work field, and is an effective teaching tool.

My first contention is that technology, such as online learning can greatly benefit students’ education, by offering classes they could not normally have access to. According to the Federal Communications Commission, 97 percent of schools across the country had Internet connectivity as of 2010. By utilizing this schools can offer students opportunities that they could not normally offer. According to United State’s Department of Education, 48 states (and the District of Columbia) currently support online learning opportunities that range from supplementing classroom instruction or even enrolling students in full-time programs. This includes dual enrollment, credit recovery, summer school programs, and can make courses such as Advanced Placement and honor possible. Both core subjects and electives can be taken online, many supported by online learning materials. While some online schools or programs are homegrown, many others contract with private providers or other states to provide online learning opportunities.

This is essential for students to compete in the work field. It will provide them with the nessacary computer skills to compete in today’s work field. According to the united states department of labor, the demand for jobs in the technology industry has risen, and there are 1 million new jobs have been created, and this industry will continue to grow. The average high tech job pays 78 percent more than the average non-high-tech job. Overall the better computer skills a person has the better jobs they can obtain.

According to the united states department of education, online instruction with regular classroom instruction, also called blended instruction has been the most effective. When online learning is used by...
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