Why Students Fail

Topics: Education, Psychology, Student Pages: 2 (476 words) Published: March 8, 2012
Reasons Behind the Students’ Failure
Since the ancient times education takes place in an individual’s life since his/her born. People always tend to be successful in their education in order to gain a valid success in their after-school work carrier. However, this tend is not enough to be successful and there are many reasons why today’s students are unsuccessful while they are having the education.

To begin with, the lack of motivation and not thinking about future has a great deal on why students are not successful. Many students do not think about their future in terms of the having a good job or being successful in any aspects of the life. The non-stop continuing education may be a reason for the failure but it cannot compare the students’ attitude which is the significant motive; however, some students do not have a clearly picture of the future they intend to create for themselves. Thus, they may take programs of study without clear career goal or objective and they do not care about it. For this reason, students do not study properly and they fail.

Moreover, environmental factors are such as bad friends, unhappy family life and health problems are lead to failure. A bad friend who has bad manners can easily influence the people with his bad behaviors. For example, asking go out for drinking instead of studying finals or interrupting his friend while he is studying. Also, if the student does not have a regular family life and if there is a severe conflict between his parents, that student likely to fail in his school in other words, in order to achieve success in life, in first place, a person must be happy at home. In addition, no wonder why the health problems cause the failure, because unhealthy student hardly gives attention the classes and cannot be efficient to learn lessons.

Furthermore, due to our education system most of the students attending wrong universities and this is another reason for failure. Also, most of the students study at...
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