Why Students Drop Out of College

Topics: Higher education, Education, University Pages: 2 (600 words) Published: May 16, 2012
Aia Marie
Professor Flynn
English 510
5 November 2011
Why Students Drop Out of College
In the evolving social climate of today’s society, the importance of higher education is being stressed more than ever. It is becoming increasingly rare to procure a well-paying occupation without first obtaining a college degree. However, college administrators estimate that almost a third of all college students drop out of school sometime during their freshmen year. There are a variety of factors that influence a student’s likelihood to drop out of college, including financial, personal, and work-related issues. One of the most common reasons students drop out of college is financial complications. With government funding dropping, colleges rely largely on higher student tuitions. A study in 2011 estimated the average cost of attending a four-year college to be $8,244 for in-state students and $12,526 for out-of-state students. For many students, such a gratuitous amount of money is simply unattainable. In addition, because many individuals without college degrees are limited to minimum wage jobs, even working students are often unable to fund their educations due to low incomes. If a student does not receive financial aid or parental support, they are even less likely to be able to afford the ever-rising cost of higher education. Once a student experiences the inflated price of college tuition and supplies, dropping out may become a financial necessity. Another common cause of college dropouts is personal issues. Such issues include academic skills and self-motivation abilities. Students who may have maintained an average performance in high school may find themselves overwhelmed by the faster pace of college work. Similarly, students who were not adequately prepared by their high school’s curriculum may find themselves unable to measure up to the higher standards expected of college level work. On the other hand, even students who excelled in high school face the...
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