College Is Not for Everyone

Topics: High school, Education, College Pages: 2 (694 words) Published: May 5, 2013
College is not for everyone, but for these three high school students that is all they believe in. Most students’ think about boys, girls, prom, sports, etc. the list could go on in a teenagers head, nothing about their future or college. So when talking to an uplifting student such as Philippian about her education, it gives hope to educators, and inspires others to take their education seriously. Philippian Chatman a 17 year old senior, who attends Aldine Senior High School, is very passionate about school. “If you want to pursue your career and goals, college should be one of your main priorities, my parents have instilled in me to go to school and college, they worked hard to provide a life for me so that I can have an opportunity to go to college.” Said Chatman Education is such a big deal to many people but for Chatman it is her main priority. “I want to major in debate, teaching, and photography. I really like photography because people always see action in movies but photography you can say a lot without words.” Said Chatman. When asking what college’s Chatman was looking into, she had set high standards for her to achieve. “I would love to go to Duke, University of Texas, or PV. “ Wondering why not Texas Southern University, she said “ It’s a nice campus but just not for me, I would rather go away from home and venture out on my own.” Statistics shows total number of high school drop outs annually is 3,030,000. The numbers increase every year, especially for male students. Education is the future for today’s students, yet little take so seriously. For Edwin Rebollar, a 16 year old senior at Aldine high school, works very hard to make his education his first priority as well. He talks highly about going to college and goes out his way to make good grades. He also speaks highly about his parents pushing to go further with his education. “I feel like college can open so many opportunities for me, and I want to be something in life.” Rebollar said “my...
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