Three Reasons Why College Students Fail

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Jasmine Hargrove
Mrs. Moore
December 1 2008

Three reasons Clinton junior college students fail

Thesis: This report will discuss the three reasons that Clinton Junior College Students fail.

I. Not Completing Assigned Work
A. Not Completing Class work
B. Not Completing Home Work
II. Not Paying Attention In Class
A. Not Listening
B. Sleeping In Class
III.Not Making Wise Decision
A. Staying Up Late
B. Hanging Out With Friends

Three Reasons Clinton Junior College Students Fail

If you had to choose between going to the biggest party of the year, or studying for a test, which would you choose? The students who choose to attend the party will more than likely be unprepared to pass the test. As for the small percentage of students who choose to study for the test, they will have an advantage in succeeding . Many students here at Clinton junior college would rather go to the party than hit the books to study for the test. According to the Clinton Junior College Academic Dean Mrs. Janis Pendleton, many students here at Clinton Junior College fail when students do not set realistic education and career goals; when students are unorganized and don’t take good class notes; they are on the road to fail (personal interview). I agree with Dean Pendleton’s comments, however; they’re three main reasons students fail here at Clinton Junior College. These reasons consist of incomplete assigned work; not attentive in class; and not making wise decision. Incomplete assigned work is a major reason that many Clinton Junior College Students fail. Due to being away from home, and living on campus, students feel as if they have no rules. For an example, here at Clinton Junior College I’ve witness students come in late, or don’t come to class at all. These students...

Cited: Sullivan, John.(2007-2008).”External Causes That Cause College Students To Fail”. The Official College Fact Book. 54-79.
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