Why Student Athletes Deserve A Paycheck

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Robert Pittman
Professor Methvin
Critical Writing I
16 October 2013
Student-Athlete’s Deserve A Paycheck
Entering college, athletes are appointed the title of “Student-Athlete.” However, they become “Athlete-Students” once the season begins. The title of student drastically becomes overweighed by their athlete epithet. Throughout the past years, the NCAA developed a million dollar industry. The NCAA is a non-profit organization that organizes sports for colleges and universities. By providing entertainment, college athletes are the manpower of the NCAA’s prosperous industry. In order to keep this business operating, athletes participate in rigorous training, games, classes, and more. Doing so, athletes work over 50 hours a week, without payroll. Many believe the scholarship athletes earned is enough to withstand their tremendous workload. However, athletes never personally receive any of that money. Therefore, athletes still have to provide essential needs for themselves that every college student requires. Since student athletes make their overseer’s millions each year, they shouldn’t struggle financially.

Adam Hayes explains in his article, “Why College Athletes Should Be Paid,” which appears on EliteDaily.com, how much money the NCAA makes off college athletes. Adam Hayes declared “The NCAA is a corporation that makes a lot of money, and doesn’t pay their employees” (P. 2). Last year, the NCAA made over $845 Billion, due to college athletes providing entertainment. Student athletes made the NCAA heaps of money. However, they never received a paycheck for their blood, sweat, and tears they exhibited. Yes, college athletes are granted a free education. However, Adam Hayes argues, “does the millions of dollars the schools receive annually really equate to just a Bachelor’s degree?” (P. 2)

Additionally, the combined salary for college football coaches is $53.4 million. Yet, college football player’s salaries remain at $0. Although the coach play’s a major role screaming plays from the sideline. Unlike football players, coaches don’t put their life on the line every single day. Many college football players suffer broken bones, and even brain damage. College athlete’s put themselves at the same risk as professional’s. However, NCAA football players don’t receive a paycheck for their hard work. Although the NCAA doesn’t see their athletes as professional’s since they’re in college. According to Adam Hayes coaches are paid professionally. In fact, head coaches’ make an average of $5 million. Since the NCAA can pay football coaches $5 million for standing on the sideline. There’s no reason college football players cannot be compensated for providing the entertainment.

College athletes also struggle finically providing for themselves. Many suggest they get a job to tend for their needs. However, Adam Hayes states, “The NCAA is actually bold enough to restrict their athletes from having jobs or making money because they don’t want them cashing in on their performances in any way” (P. 3). Unlike normal students, college athletes aren’t permitted to get a job. Instead, athletes are forced to work overtime at their sport. Therefore, the least the NCAA can do is reach into their $845 billion dollar bank accounts, and make sure college athletes can provide for themselves. College athletes go through brutal training, and participate in million dollar games day after day. These events are also what fulfill the NCAA’s bank accounts. Nonetheless, universities also sell college athletes jerseys for $60 apiece in their school stores. However, if a student athlete attempts to sell his own jersey it’s a violation of NCAA rules, and consequences are extreme. Not only are college athletes not allowed to get a job to provide for their needs. They’re also victims for doing the same thing Universities do, selling their jerseys.

Furthermore, throughout Jon Terbush’s article, “Is It Finally Time To Start Paying College...
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