Paying College Athletes

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Paying College Athletes
Money is everything in today’s society. We buy our food with money. We buy our clothes with money. We buy everything with money and people are constantly demanding for more, but what about those without a job? What about students in college who have to focus on their education and can’t get a job to make money? What about the student athletes that play sports for the school; bringing in millions of dollars of revenue every year? They get paid nothing while their coaches and presidents are depositing checks of millions of dollars into their own bank. Don’t you think that college athletes should be compensated for all the work that they do? Paying college athletes has been a controversy for over a century, dating back to what is considered to be the first intercollegiate competition. Fact is college athletes want to get paid beyond a scholarship. Yes, scholarships pay for the student’s tuition, books, classes, living expenses, etc., but they have no money to buy clothes, pay for parking, food, etc. Expecting the players to get paid millions of dollars is obviously unrealistic, but paying them as if it was a full time job, at least minimum wage is adequate enough. For the 15 highest paid coaches in Division 1, together they bring in around $100,000,000 every year.

Think about being employed at a government building, working long hard hours. You are exhausted, stressed out, and you just want to get a break and some rest. Think about how these athletes feel. They work long hard hours in practice, perform in the games and meets and bring in millions of dollars. People complain about how they can’t do this, or can’t do that because they are so exhausted from sitting at a desk all day. Athletes are exhausted all the time from physical work, plus they still have to maintain a minimum of a 3.0 grade point average. That’s book work and physical training. Their minds and bodies are simultaneously exhausted.

Something needs to be done. That...
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