Why Should Government Provide Natural Resources

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As a country to develop with high economic growth, the government should provide high security (human security and national security) and accountability to public. If a country has rich natural resources, the government should endeavors on its responsibility for providing public services and security issue than lack of natural resources country due to the vulnerable effects of natural resources.

In order to fulfill the security issues, the government needs to provide not only defense services and strong legislative power with legal framework and administrative structure but also building the high confidence level between ethnic groups with national unity. Most of the scholar and researcher stated that having rich natural resources and civil war are directly related and rich natural resources are becoming weak point of developing countries especially on lack of strong political stability countries.

If resources rich area which has minority ethnic groups and they...

These “grievances” are push factors for civil war for resource rich country. To avoid these push factors for civil war and conflict, the government should more strict economic policy and environmental policy with strong command and control instrument and public sector participation. If a country has strong environmental policy and legal framework for pollution control and standards, the investment of pollution-industry and vertical investment which are seeking natural resources will decrease. On the other hand, the government can improve and cover from the destroying of resident’s traditional livelihoods by uplifting of human security issues such as environmental impact assessment and health impact assessment on the businesses especially on natural resources...
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