Why People Can Become Puppets of Religions

Topics: Religion, Faith, Human Pages: 2 (430 words) Published: October 6, 2012
Religion as we know it , is a belief of faith in some sort of idealistic form of the way of life. It is the belief that something bigger than life exists , and frankly , there is not a lot of things that is bigger than life. We place our belief in trust that we will be saved , brought to a better place from the place where we currently resides in , of pain and sickness , of wealth and poor. It‘s ideal for people as they can believe in something that will save them from what we all fear ; death. We do not know what is after death , there is no scientific prove that there is heaven or hell , and we fear death , we fear the unknown. And then people come together and believe in the same thing and it's religion , the product of fear and hallucination and human being ultimately human.

Somehow , people can become addicted to religion , become superstitious and presumptuous , labelling what they cannot explain with some sort of religious explanation to bluff it off. Scientist was proclaim as wizard and witches back in the days , becoming the demons and monsters in fairy tales those adults tell their children. It's very silly indeed , how people can be easily manipulated at the thought of being save. This proved that people are ultimately selfish , they get defensive at things they cannot deal with , and expect to be save.

Religion does not bring good in people all the time , religion not only suppressed people , but bring out a lot of conflicts and troubles. If Hitler and Al-Qaeda is to say anything , is that religion is not good news necessarily. It can bring out hatred and overly justified violences. Some religious people justified their action with their religion , with their supposed rule of life they tried to forced it upon others who do not think the way they do , and enforced violence in rages. It's ironic really , how religion was about saviour and being save , and yet these fools took upon violences and hatred, it's incredibly ignorant of...
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