Why Is Soccer A Popular Sport

Topics: Association football, Football, FIFA Pages: 2 (412 words) Published: January 27, 2016

Why Soccer is Such a Popular Sport for All Ages

From school yards to professional stadiums, there is a game being played that everyone loves. It is the game of soccer. It has a unique history and can be traced back to B.C. times. It has not always been a friendly sport and in some areas it was even banned by many because of the violence it would bring out in the players. However, with all of that, it is a game that everyone has seemed to embrace.
With the severity of injuries during the past, it is kind of surprising to most people that now it is considered one of the safest sports around. The ones who play it do not have to worry about major injuries like those who play football games, which is very similar to soccer. Players do not have...
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