Why Is Reading Important?

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Reading Unlocks the World’s Potential!
By: Mrs. Hopkins
Imagine a child who longs to go to school but can’t because they have to walk ten miles to fetch water. Imagine a child who knows they will grow up in poverty, and will never escape its clutches. Imagine a child who dreams of becoming a teacher or a doctor, but doesn’t even know how to read. These images are real, and they are the reality for some kids today. The motivation and the desire to learn and to read is there for these children, but sadly, the freedom of education is not. Unfortunately, for many kids in today’s generation, the freedom of education is taken for granted. Kids don’t want to read in their spare time, they don’t want to go to school, they don’t want to graduate. The motivation is gone. Well, I’m here to tell you that reading is the most important thing you can spend your time doing! Getting an education is one of the best things you, as a young person, can do for yourself to ensure you lead a better, more fulfilling and prosperous life. Kids, I know you’d rather spend your time texting, Facebooking, or video gaming , but after you’ve read this essay, you’ll stop “lol”ing and start reading! First and foremost, reading leads to academic excellence. What I mean is, the more time you spend reading, the better student you will be, and the better grades you will get. You’ll be the Albert Einstein of your class! I mean, you have to read in all the subject areas, even in math! How do you expect to analyze word problems, understand the scientific method, or determine the causes of the Civil War if you can’t read? I know you might be thinking that in our electronic age, it’s easy to just let technology do the work for you. Books take too long, you have to sit still, it’s not exciting. But the Internet won’t do your science project for you, or write your history paper, or introduce you so vividly to the world of Harry Potter. Only reading can do that! Surely you can see why kids need to put down...
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