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KEEPRA Project: Lincoln Middle School Book Drive

Goal The importance of reading is often taken for granted in today’s society. Many children who don’t get the opportunity to read due to low income face the challenges of keeping up with school work. The goal of this paper is to present a plan for a book drive for Lincoln Middle School, a low income middle school in Gainesville, Fl. A problem that many schools may have is trying to find the money to provide books that the kids will be excited about instead of boring textbooks or old books that are falling apart. This book drive will help to increase the literacy rates of children who are struggling in school. A book drive can help to motivate children to read more and introduce them to how fun reading can be. Our goal is to get children on the right track to help them succeed later in life. By introducing children to reading and its importance now, it reduces the risk of them dropping out of school and ending up unemployed and on the streets. According to the National Center for Family Literacy, Research Facts and Figures, “children who lack early exposure to reading struggle academically, tend to suffer from low self-esteem, and are at much higher risk of substance abuse, teen pregnancy, and delinquency.” Having parents that can’t read increases the chances that their children will also struggle with reading, thus continuing the cycle of illiteracy (Page Ahead Children’s Literacy Program). Not having the luxury of reading or being read to as a child can cause these problems. Our solution is to provide books to these students to stop these problems. According to the Page Ahead Children’s Literacy Program website, “reading aloud to children is the single most effective parent practice for enhancing language and literacy development” (Page Ahead Children’s Literacy Program). Simply reading to a child can have a big impact on their literacy development and later on their academic career. According to an

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