why is high school important to you

Topics: High school, Education, Want Pages: 3 (1177 words) Published: May 31, 2014
 Kyle watkins

I'll tell you why. when you go to school you can grow up to be anything you choose in your right mind to be. But if you just ditch school and take it as a joke you won't learn anything and you'll be on the streets begging for a hundred dollars. You can learn what you can and be serious about it. Don't you want nice cars, a house and at least a job. if you don't want it, then your life will be as miserable as you asked this question. It's very important to get an education, very, very important and that should be the most special thing in your life. Rather than partying, drinking or hanging out with friends, do something with your life for goodness sakes. Stop trying to seem like school is boring to you, you have to go. Besides being able to get and keep a job that will support you, there are other things that are important about school. School teaches you discipline, to be where you're supposed to be when you're supposed to be, the ability to do things that you really don't want to, to work with people that you really don't want to; and to maybe even do them well. It also teaches you how to find out things that you need to know but don't know how to find out; in other words, how to research and how to be resourceful. Whatever it is that you want to be doing or are doing instead of going to school is what you'll be doing twenty years from now if you don't learn what you need from school. If it's drinking, getting high. playing video games or hanging out with like minded friends. Except, most of the friends that you know now will have moved on or will be in jail. All you'll have left is the homeless addicts that hang out on the streets because the shelters won't let them in during the day and have you ever seen those homeless guys with video games. One of the most important things your child can do to achieve academic success is also one of the most basic: going to...
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