aftercare of released women convicts

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Breaking the Cycle: Effective punishment,
rehabilitation and sentencing of offenders
Nacro’s response

March 2011

About Nacro
Nacro is the largest charity in England and Wales dedicated to reducing crime, helping over 83,000 people each year. Our team of over 2,000 staff and volunteers work with a network of partners through projects in 300 communities. Our experience on the ground gives us unrivalled insight into reducing crime, which informs our positive and pragmatic voice in policy and media debates.

We exist because we want to do something about the destructive impact of crime on individuals and communities. It creates victims, stifles opportunity, generates fear and hostility, and blights lives. We know that by reducing crime we change many lives for the better. Nacro’s work focuses on three areas: before, during and after people are in trouble: • Prevention – stopping young people getting into trouble by running services to steer them away from crime, teaching them new skills and creating new opportunities. • Offender management – working with people in prison, on post-release licences and on community sentences. We challenge them to stop offending, provide positive skills and create chances for people to move on from crime and to give something positive back to their communities.

Resettlement – helping offenders cope after serving a prison sentence, so they can settle back into the community, find a place to live and access education, training and a job. Nacro believes that Breaking the Cycle offers a real opportunity for positive reform. Our response is based on Nacro’s extensive experience of delivering preventive, offender management and resettlement services across England and Wales. In particular we welcome the focus on the victim, putting them at the heart of the reform process and the associated emphasis on outcomes, including payment by results. Much of what is proposed is new and untested. Therefore it is vital that proper investment is made in delivering new approaches and testing their impact on reoffending outcomes. In view of this, it is crucial that any savings made from these reforms are invested properly and appropriately in re-engineered offender management services. We welcome the commitment to using community sentences and diverting offenders with mental health problems from the criminal justice system. For further information, please contact:

Graham Beech
Strategic Development Director
Tel 020 7840 7209

Breaking the Cycle: Nacro’s response


Section 1 Punishment in prisons and the community


Section 2 Offender management

9 – 20

Section 3 Offenders into work

21– 27

Section 4 Housing

28– 29

Section 5 Mental health

30– 34

Section 6 Payment by results

35– 37

Section 7 Procurement and commissioning


Section 8 Sentencing

39– 42

Section 9 Community sentencing


Section 10 Young people

44– 50

Breaking the Cycle: Nacro’s response | 

Section 1

Punishment in prisons and the community


How should we achieve our aims for making prisons places of hard work

and discipline?

There can be no doubt that for those people who need to go to prison because of the seriousness and/or persistence of their offending, prisons should, where possible, become a place where the prisoner is able to give something back to the victim, gain relevant skills and maximise her or his chances of gaining employment on release. To make this work, Nacro would want to see the roll-out of ‘resettlement prisons’. The concept of resettlement prisons would capture the importance of narrowing the gap between the offender and the wider community and ensure that the resettlement goals included in the government’s notion of a ‘working prison’ are sustained long term. This has obvious benefits for victims, the wider public, the cost to the economy and the offender....
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