Why I Hate Violence

Topics: Prison, Abuse, Crime, Racism, Race, Bullying / Pages: 2 (445 words) / Published: Sep 30th, 2016
Why I Hate Violence In the world we live in today, violence occurs much too frequently. Trivial arguments lead to fist fights, a wrong comment gets you a bruised jaw, and people minding their own business are sometimes beaten without reason. Violence is an unpleasant thing. It is dark and suffocating. People should never think of using violence as a solution to their problems because the suffering it causes is just not worth it.
While it is true that stress and anger can be relieved through hitting something, that does not serve as an excuse to use somebody like a punching bag, or throw them around like a ragdoll. Too many people have become corrupt and cruel because of violence. Unfortunately for some, they
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Many families and communities suffer after losing loved ones to muggings, or even just random attacks while walking home. You see stories about incidents like these on the news all the time. But this might not always occur because if someone attacks you, you absolutely have the right to fight back; however, that does not mean you have to be excessive with the amount of force used on the attacker. You should only use enough force to get the attacker off you, and be able to safely get away.
Violence is often associated with anger and frustration. When those emotions are running high, some people believe that those affected could be dangerous to everyone around them. Some might ask, well what if someone has anger issues? It’s perfectly understandable if someone has that problem, but that in no way makes it acceptable to hurt someone because you're angry. That’s why there are classes and therapy available to help them learn how to control

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