Why Homework Is Important

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“The pain she was experiencing, the thoughts that were running through her head, no one knew but herself and now she lies somewhere safe, I love you mum” “No one thought this day would come so soon, not now, not why I was still a child, still learning and still following the path of my journey. Why me? Did I do something wrong? Was I bad? What did I do to deserve this?” Julianne sat in the lounge room and tried to get her head around the event that had just occurred during the early morning of what she thought was going to be “just another day”, her eyes smudged with black rings of mascara and her hair thrown back into a messy bun, the tears kept escaping her eyes. She looked weak, pale, exhausted but most of all lost and confused. Not an inch of noise came from the rooms of the house; everyone sat in silence, thinking to themselves, wondering what to say. Whether to say anything at all, just in case something that was said was wrong or misinterpreted, the only thing to do in a moment like this was be there, support every member suffering from pain, hold them close and let them know you will be there through every step of the way. Time felt like it stood still, the clock just ticking and ticking but nothing happening. If only we did not take time for granted before this had happened and maybe we would know the value of time. “Tick…tock….tick….tock…tick….tock” It was like a time bomb, just ticking and waiting to explode. I did not want to come to the realization that all of this was real, it was not a dream. “This is my reality…,” she softly whispered to herself. Julianne’s eyes wandered the room back and forth as if she were searching for something that wasn’t there, as if she were waiting for something more to happen. The day started to turn into night and Julianne still sat in the same position of where she had began her morning, people made their way in and out of the house throughout the day, barring Julianne and her family with gifts and much...
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