Creative Writing: Rosemary's Home

Topics: Poetry, Life, Emotion, Suffering, Death, Family / Pages: 3 (699 words) / Published: Feb 7th, 2017
A long time ago there lived a couple whose names were Rosemary and John. They were destined for each other. A moment never passed by without their unfailing love showing for one and other. They resided in a small town in the valley’s of Tennessee. One quiet April morning, early enough that the dew was still clinging onto the blades of grass, a horrific moment occurred.
“John, John help! I cannot breathe”, gasped Rosemary.
John rushed to her aid, but before he arrived, she had stopped breathing, and passed away. John’s heart was shattered, and he was overcome with disbelief. His stomach was in his throat, and his eyes poured out tears. Lonesomeness and depression would accompany his life from that day forward. The quaint town all mourned for
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With the first sense of hope in his eyes since her death. When he reached the shop he searched for the owner and explained his wishes.
“Ellis, would you by chance have any extra flower seeds on hand? One that is mysterious and unknown, but can also produce a flower so beautiful it can remind me of Rosemary’s beauty”.
“I am so sorry John, but the only seeds I have left this season are the ones for my vegetable garden”.
Defeated, John trudged home, once again losing all hope and happiness. Shaken up by the day's events, John dozed off into a deep sleep. In the midst of the jet black night, the Goddess of love and beauty appeared. She planted an exquisite flower in John’s garden. The next day when John awoke he was met with confusion. A short green stem was peaking out of the freshly fertilized dirt. Although John did not know where it had exactly came from, he had a flutter in his heart, and knew if was a sign of Rosemary.
For the next several weeks, John took precious care of the seedling. Ensuring it received proper sunlight, hydration, and nurturing. He treated it like it was his own child. After about six weeks of anticipation, no further growth had occurred. Doubt was setting in, and John’s mind was filling with unsettling
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On a humid July morning, John was gazing at the vast rolling mountain, filled with luscious greenery, when he noticed a sharp needle like object poking out of the green stem. John’s curiosity led him to the plant, but when he went to admire the growth, he realized that this was not a beautiful reminder of Rosemary. This was as sad and sharp reminder of his shattered heart.
A week later beauty finally appeared. This was no test of faith, this was true beauty. Growing from the depths of the Earth, was a ruby red flower, with petals that were luscious, softer than a lamb’s ear. John knew at this moment, this was the beauty sent from Rosemary. The sophisticated yet striking appeal to the eyes that John had always adored about his wife, was now encompassed in this beautiful flower.
“I will call this a rose. That way everyday that goes by in all of eternity the World can remember your name, and your beauty”.
From that day on roses and thorns permeated the Earth, and are often used as a symbol of love. The thorns of a rose remind you that in life, not everything fills you with joy. There will always be sadness and distress, but when the rose appears, happiness, joy, and hope overpower the darkness. Beauty and love coexist with the depths of

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