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Why Fast Food Should Be Limited

By johnaleex Feb 26, 2013 368 Words
Some of the tastiest meals at local fast food restaurants we should put limits on. Fast food can put humans at very bad heath risk. Even though fast food keeps you from going home cooking, you should know how much you should eat and the time to eat it. We should ask what is fast food? We also should ask what kind of diseases it causes? Last but not least, does it cause obesity? Do you really want to know what is in fast food? Fast food is food is food that is pre-cooked. Fast food is another alternative to home cooking. It also is a food that is low prices. Fast Food is a type of food that you can take out. It is food that is high in calories, saturated fat, sugar, and salt. It is consider as, hamburgers, french-fries, chicken nuggets, fried chicken, and milk shakes. Can you believe fast food is causing diseases? Well guess what it is! The food is so high in calories, saturated fat, sugar, and salt that is harmful to our health. It causes people to lose their lives every day. This type of food will cause people to have blood clots because of the high number in sodium. It so can cause high blood pressure. Another factor is diabetes. If I were you I would limit this stuff called fast food. Why did it have to make people so obese? Well it does. Obesity is not good at all. The high number calories, saturated fat, sugar, and salt can lead to this health factor. If you are obese you are more than likely to have hard time breathing. You also might have diabetes and high blood pressure. Obesity can lead to death. If I were you I put a limit on Fast food. For one thing it causes to many health factors. I would like to enjoy my life without any one of them. It has too much salt, calories, sugar, and fat. I wouldn’t want to eat nothing that is harmful to my health. So that’s why I am choosing to eat healthy and put a limit on it.

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